• Law   ( 11 Articles )
    LAW or the Rules and Measures of SOCIETY ;
    publish'd in Act, Statute, Charter, Rescript, Constitution, Decretal, Senatus-consultum, Pragmatic Sanction, &c.
    Recorded, in institute, Code, Novel, Register, Pandect, Corpus, Domesday, &c.
    Kinds, Civil, Canon, Sumptuary, &c.
    1°, Persons, as the King; his Prerogative, Royalties, &c.
    viz. granting Dispensation, Pardon, Commendam, Exemption. Dignities' Franchises. Forest, Park, Purlieu, Vert, Chase. Impost, Subsidy, Toll, Tax, Aid, Hidage, Scutage, Prisage. Waif, Estray, Escheat, Treasure Trove &c.
    Officers and Magistrates, erected by Writ, Warrant, Commission, &c.
    Their Oath, Tesi, Declaration. Visitation, Procuration, &c.
    Corporations, Regular, Secular, &c.
    made by Charter, Patent, &c.
    dissolved by Quo Warranto, Mandamus, &c.
    Subjects, as Denizen, Naturalization. Husband, Wife, Marriage, Concubine, Separation, Alimony, Bower, Assinity, Bastard. Adoption, Emancipation. Lord, Tenant, Villain, Vajsal. Client, Patron. Servant, Slave, Retainer. Manumission, Enfranchising, &c.
    Tenure, Service, Homage, Fealty, Serjeanty, Escuage, Relief, Guardian, Wardship, Socage. Heir, Intestate, Ancecstor, &c.
    2°,Estates or Things ; either Real, as Tenements, Hereditaments. Freehold, Fee, Customary, Tail, Gavelkind, Courtesy, &c.
    In Reversion, Mortgage, Hypotheca, &c.
    Manor, Demesn, Honours, Common, Glebe, Advowson, &c.
    Acquired by Occupancy, Prescription, Descent, Deed, Feoffment, Fine, Recovery. Defeizance, Lease, Devise, Attournment, Investiture, Livery, &c.
    Lost by Alienation, Mortmain, Disseisin, Abatement. Surrender, Discontinuance, Disclaimer, Forfeiture, Resignation, Deprivation, Lapse,&c.
    Or Personal, as Goods, Chattels, Emblements, Annuity, Debts, Specialty, Recognizance, &c.
    Acquired by Succession, Heriot, Mortuary, Heir Loom. Teslament, Executor, Administrator, Ordinary. Judgment, Fieri sacias, &c.
    3°, Wrongs or Injuries ; either Criminal, and'to Persons, as Treason, Parricide, Murder, Felony, Assault, Rape, Assassin. Adultery, Fornication, Defloration, Polygamy, Heresy, &c.
    Prosecuted by Indictment, Accusation, Actions of Conspiracy, and upon the Case, Habeas Corpus, &c.
    Punish'd, with Hanging, Crucifixion, Wheel, Furca, Scala, Pillory, Transportation, Divorce, Scaphism, &c.
    Or Civil, and to Things; as Trespass, Nuisance, Deforcement, &c.
    Remedied by Writs of Quare Impedit, Darrein Presentment, Appeal, Atteint, Error, Right, Disceit, Superfedeas, Audita Querela, &c.
    Suit, or Course of Proceedings whereby Redress is procured; including,
    1°, Process, either by Bill, Summons, Subpoena, Attachment, Capias, Exigent, &c.
    to which belong Appearance, Attorney, Bail, Essoign, Default, Nonsuit, Arraignment, &c.
    2°, Pleading ; whence Count, Declaration, Aid Praier, Voucher, Age Prier, Bar, Abate, Release, Replication, Outlawry, Sequestration, &c.
    3°, Ussue; whence Demurrer.
    4°, Trial; whence Proof, Evidence, Presumption, Oath, Affidavit, Affirmation. Jury, Challenge, Array, Verdict. Battel, Duel, Champion, Purgation, Ordeal, &c.
    Paine sort & duret, Rack, Torture, &c.
    5°, Judgments whence Arrest, &c.
    6°, Execution ; whence Scire facias, Reprieve, &c.

  • Theology   ( 9 Articles )
    THEOLOGY, or the Consideration of GOD:
    his Nature and Attributes, as Eternity, Ubiquity, &c.
    His Unity, Trinity, &c.
    Persons, Hypostasis. &c.
    Our Duty to him, discover'd by Inspiration, Revelation, Prophecy, &c.
    by the Mesiah, Evangelisis, Apostles, &c.
    In the Bible, Pentateuch, Hagiographa, Psalter, Gospel, Apocalypse, &c.
    Canon, Deuterocanonical, Apocrypha, &c.
    Circumstances thereof, Style, Allegory, Type, Parable, Mystical, &c.
    Text, Versim, Septuagint, Vulgate, &c.
    Paraphrase, Targum, &c.
    Points, Quotations, &c.
    Matter thereof; Declarations, of Incarnation, Passion, Crucifixion, Miracle, &c.
    Inunctions, as Worship, Prayer, Sacrifice, &c.
    Sacraments, as Eucharist, Baptism, &c.
    Promises, as Grace, Justification, &c.
    Decrees, as Predestination, Election, Reprobation, &c.
    Breaches on our Part, Sin, Apostacy, Imputation, &c.
    Remedies thereof, by Repentance, Confession, &c.
    Rewards and Punishments allotted thereto, Heaven, Hell, Resurrection, Immortality , &c.
    His Ministers, Angels, Devil, &c.
    His Church, either Triumphant, as Saints, Martyrs, Confessors, Fathers, Doctors, &c.
    or Militant, &c.
    Its Offices, Creed, Liturgy, Decalogue, Doxology, Trisagion,&c.
    Discipline, Rites, &c.
    as Absolution, Anathema, Excommunication, &c.
    Catechumen, Confirmation, Genuslexion, &c.
    Its Priesthood, as Bishop, Priest, Deacon, &c.
    Patriarch, Archbishop, Primate, Dean, Canon, Prebend, Archdeacon, Chantor, &c.
    Their Ensigns, Mitre, Crozier, Pallium, &c.
    Their Ordination, Con secration, Collation, Imposition, &c.
    Benefices, Revenues, Tithes, &c.
    Places set apart, as Church, Chapel, Oratory, &c.
    Cathedral, Parochial, Cardinal, &c.
    Choir, Nave, Altar, Font &c.
    Dhcese, Province, &c.
    Assemblies, as Synod, Council, Convocation, Consistory, Chapter, Presbytery, &c.
    Feasts, Fasts Lent, Vigils &c.
    Easter, Epiphany, Pentecost, Annunciation, Purification, Presentation, &c.
    Particular Systems or Prosessions thereof, viz. Reformed or Protestant, as the Church of England, Lutheranism, Calvinism &c.
    Romish or Latin ; its Mass, Breviary, Legend, &c.
    Fransubstantiaticn, Extreme Unction, Supererogation, Penance, &c.
    Hierarchy ; Pope, Cardinal, &c.
    Secular, Regular, Monk, Religious, Abbot, Prior, &c.
    Order, Congregation, Monastery,General, &c.
    Jesuit, Carthusian, Carmelite, Francisan, Dominican, &c.
    Third Order, Cenobite, Anchorite, Hermit, Recluse, Monastery, Cell, &c.
    Rule, Vow, Reform, Noviciate, &c.
    Image, Relicks, Saint, Virgin, Rosary, &c.
    Canonization, Beatification, &c.
    Indulgence, Jubilee, Exorcism, &c.
    Greek, its Anthologue, Prothesis, Particles, &c.
    Maronite, Jacobite, Thomæan, &c.
    Armenian, Cophti, Solitary, &c.----
    Sects, and Heresies ; as Manichees, Gnostics, Arians, &c.
    Ebionites, Nestorians, Millenaries, Quartodecimans, &c.
    Montanists, Socinians, Arminians, &c.
    Presbyterians, Anabaptists, Independents, Quakers, &c.
    Quietisls, Servetists, Pre-adamites, &c.
    Deist, Atheist, Spinosism, &c.----
    Jewish, its Talmud, Tradition, &c.
    Temple, Tabernacle, Sanctuary, Ark, &c.
    Pontiff, Levite, Tribe, &c.
    Ephod, Theraphim, Circumcision, Sabbath, Sanhedrim, &c.
    Rabbin, Doctor, Cabbala, Massora, &c.
    Pharisee, Sadducee, Essean, Caraite, &c.
    Nazarite, Therapeuta, &c.
    Samaritan, Dosithean, Hellenist, &c.
    Passover, Scenopegia, Gehenna, &c.----
    Mahometan ; Their Alcoran, Musti, Dervice, Mosque, Mussulman, &c.----
    Heathen ; Their Idolatry, Theogony, &c.
    Their Gods ; Penates, Lares, Lemures, &c.
    Panes, Sylvans, Nymphs, Tritons, &c.
    Demi-god, Hero, Fortune, Destiny, Dæmon, Genius, &c.
    Apotheosis, Sacrifice, &c.
    Feast, Læiration, &c.
    as Eleufinia, Saturnalia, Cerealta. &c.
    Ministers thereof ; Rex, Pontifex, Flamen, Vestal, Corybantes, &c.
    Games ; Olympic, Isthmean, &c.
    Divination, Oracle, Pythian, Sibyl, &c.
    Augur, Auspex, &c.
    Temple, Fane, Pagod, &c.
    Sects ; as Banians, Bramans, Sabæans, &c.