• Grammar   ( 5 Articles )
    GRAMMAR, or the Consideration of LANGUAGE ;
    as English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, &c.
    Their Dialect, Idiom, Patavinity &c.
    Matter thereof, Letter ; Vowel, Consonant, Diphthong, Aspirate Character, Symbol, Hieroglyphic, &c.
    Syllable, Particle, &c.
    Word ; Kinds hereof, Noun, Pronoun, Verb, &c.
    Substantive, Ad- jective, &c.
    Their Construction, Concord, Regimen, &c.
    In Case, Nominative, Genitive, &c.
    Gender, Masculine, &c.
    Number, Person, Mood, Tense, &c.
    Into Sentence, Phrase, Period, &c.
    Distinguiih'd by Point, Accent, Comma, &c.
    Deliver'd by Pronunciation, Writing, Orthogra- phy, &c.