Mix'd mathematics
ASTRONOMY, or the Doctrine of the HEAVENS ;
Their Circles, Ecliptic, Zodiack, Meridian, Equator, Vertical, Azimuth. Galaxy, &c.
Points, as Pole, Zenith, Nadir, &c.
Celestial Bodies, viz. Stars, Sun, &c.
Assemblage thereof, into Sign, Constellation, &c.
Their Precession, Culmination, Refraction. Declination, Ascension, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Amplitude, Azimuth. Planets, as Saturn, Venus, Earth. Moon, Satellite, Comet, &c.
Their Places, Aspects, Syzygy, Conjunction, Quadrature. Diameter, Distance, Period, Revolution, Orbit, Node, &c.
Their Station, Retrogradation, Equation, &c.
Their Phases, Eclipse, Penumbra., Occupation, Parallax, Crepusculum, Maculæ, &c.
Observations thereof, taken with the Quadrant, Gnomon, Micrometer, Reticula, &c.
Collected in Catalogue, Tables, &c.
Hypotheses, or Systems thereof, Copernican, Tychonic, Ptolemaic, &c.
, Exhibited in Sphere, Globe, &c.

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1 ASTRONOMY Ephraim Chambers 1382