MANAGE, including the Consideration of HORSES;
their Age Colour, Teeth, Hoof, Star, &c.
Paces, as Amble, Gallop, &c.
Airs, as Volt, Demivolt, Curvet, Capriole, &c.
Aid, Correction, Hani, Bit, &c.
Saddle, Shoe, Bridle, &c.
Diseases, as Halting, Farcy, Staggers, Scratches, Yellows, &c.
Operations, as Rowelling, Docking, Gelding, &c.----
Hawk, Hawking, Hood, &c.
Reclaiming, Casling, &c.
Pip, Filanders, &c.----
Hound, Hunting, &c.
Rut, Stalking, Birdlime, Tramel-net, Bat-fowling, &c.
---- Fish, Fishing, Fishery, &c.
Angling, Hook, Rod, Float, &c.
Bait, Fly, Huxing, &c.

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