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Abaisse, in Heraldry, is applied to the Vol, or Wings of Eagles, &c. when the Tip, or Angle looks downward toward the Point of the Shield ; or when the Wings are shut: The natural way of bearing 'em being spread, with the Tip pointing to the Chies, or the Angles. See VOL.

A Chevron, a Pale, Bend, &c. are also said to be abased when their Points terminate in, or below the Centre of the Shield. See CHEVRON, PALE, &c.

in Heraldry, something added to a Coat-Armour to diminish its proper Value and Dignity, and note some dishonourable Action, or Stain in the Character of the Person who bears it. See ARMS.

'Tis a little controverted among Authors, whether Heraldry allows of any such thing as regular Abatements. Leigh and Guillim, without any Scruple as to their Reality, give us several Kinds.
Abatements, according to the last of those Writers, are either made by Reversion or Diminution.