Blue Flower

in Medicine and Chirurgery, a Tumor arisingon divers Parts of the Body, and tending to Suppuration. See TUMOR, SUPPURATION, &c.

Abscesses arise from Colledions of peccant Humours in theinternal Parts of the Body; and are also called Imposthumes.See IMPOSTHUME.

Their Name Abscess comes from the Latin Verb abscedere, to depart, or remove to another Place; in allusion tothe morbid Humors being deriv'd from elsewhere.

Abscesses arise oftenest in Women after Delivery ; and thodangerous in themselves, yet appear to be the Crisis of theDisease that gave rise thereto. For the Cure, is they cannot be discuss'd, i. e. be carried of by proper artisicial Evacuations, as Phlebotomy, Purging, Ec. with the ute of Calomel between whiles, and gentle perspirative Fotus's, Liniments and Cataplasms; recourse is to be had to the contrary Method, and they must be brought to Suppuration.When the Matter is fully ripen'd, they are to be open'd witha Lancet or Caustick, and their Cure attempted by Digestives and Incarnatives. See RIPENER, DIGESTIVE, INCARNATIVE, &c.