Blue Flower

ABOMASUS, ABOMASUM, or ABOMASIUM, in Comparative Anatomy, one of the Stomachs, or Ventricles of Animals of the ruminating Kind. See RUMINATING.

Beasts that chew the Cud are sound to have four Stomachs ; viz. the Rumen, or Magnus Venter or Stomach, properly so call'd, the Reticulum, Omasus, and Abomasus. See RUMINATION, &c.

The Abomasus, popularly call'd the Maw, is the last ; being the Place wherein the Chyle is form'd, and from which the Food descends immediately into the Intestines.

It is full of Leaves like the Omasus ; but its Leaves have this particular to 'em, that beside the Membranes they consist of, they contain a great number of Glands not found in any of the rest. See OMASUS, &c.

'Tis in the Abomasus of Calves and Lambs, that the Rennet or Earning is form'd, wherewith Houswises turn or curdle their Milk. See RENNET.